Reset button for Tablo Settings screen

It would be nice to be able to perform a soft reset from the settings screen. Of course, you would need a confirmation window to pop up so the reset can be avoided if it is accidentally selected. This would save me a trip upstairs to reset the Tablo unit.

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+1 for this feature request

Been asked for over and over :confused:

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This is the second most popular request i have seen on here (password for streaming being the first). I get why they are hesitant, but just warn the user of issues possible and let them make the call…

just my $0.02

Not sure I understand what you mean here. What issues? and What call?

Tablo has stated that having a manual reboot button could cause data loss, etc. That is the issue possible i was primarily referring to. On making the call, i meant to make the decision knowing the risks for the user to reset via the app. Essentially inform the user of the possible problem of resetting manually via the app and let them make the choice to do so or not. Basically quit protecting people from themselves…

@TabloTV did you guys say this??? I would assume since you would be sending an API call you would know how to shutdown in a manner that would not cause data loss…

We never said there could be data loss with a software reset.

We DID say that a software reset could in a lot of cases be totally useless because if you need to reset your Tablo, communication between the Tablo and your device could be broken or the Tablo itself could be in a state that would be non-responsive. This would effectively create a button that does nothing.

And we also did say that a power pull (vs. a reset) could potentially cause data problems because Tablo wouldn’t have the opportunity to run through its shutdown processes.

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I thought that was the case, but there are times I need to reset because something funky going on. Plus the ability to put the Tablo in support mode via the settigns page would make it easier :wink:

Remember, I have to climb a ladder to do anything physically to my Tablo’s :runner:

We’re just doing our part to ensure your excellent physical health :laughing:

So the question stands:

Is this something you are working on (as a requested feature) with caveats, or you aren’t going to do it. An answer one way or the other would stop people from wondering and posting.

My problem is that I can’t ever get the Tablo to reset via the reset button - mind you I don’t have to do it that often. But, when I do have to, I’m forced to pull the plug.


Another Vote for this feature request here.

I have only had to reset mine a handful of times, but I am also in the “climb a ladder” club for when I did. In every situation, the issue at hand was not a completely locked Tablo so I am certain a software reset would have worked…

For what its worth, All the Wifi routers I have had for the last 6 or 8 years have all had a software reset option.

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