Rescanned due to FCC. Now I have nothing

I have a dual tuner tablo about 3 or 4 years old. Everything worked fine, I had the major network channels and many others. After the rescan due to the FCC changes this past Friday all of the channels showed back up with 4 green dots. When I try to watch these channels the tablo indicates I have weak signal.
Things I have tried include, unplugging, adding rescan to guide, moving the antennae to different locations including outside, changed to a weaker antennae…
My tv lost one of the major channels but it was the weaker of the channels. The tv antennae is not as strong as my tablo antennae. Any help will be appreciated. The ability to record has been the main thing to keep me away from cable.

After you do the new channel scan, do you hit “add to guide”? Remember to do that so it actually updates the channel information.

Yes i found that information before I posted the issue.

I think I am ok now. When I added the rescan to the the guide I didn’t allow enough time for the guide to update. I did the rescan again and updated the guide. Apparently I thought it was done because it went back to the previous screen but the “guide update” was still updating, showing the percentage updated.
Happy it is working but upset that my impatience caused me this headache

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Mine too is not scanning CBS stations or Fox stations after the October 18 rescan. How do you fix this?

With regards to the channel scan, not talking about guide updates, the reason why a channel might not scan anymore is because of its move as a part of the (forced) repack. It’s possible that you might not get reception on channels that moved as a part of the repack.

If you’re not picking up a station after the repack rescan, or if it’s too weak, check the station’s web site to see if they have posted anything about it. You might also email the station’s chief engineer, or simply give the station a phone call, to see if there’s a problem.

Alas, the channel-shifting is proving problematic far too often. It’s possible that the new main transmitter failed to work properly, and they’re running on their low-power backup transmitter. Or perhaps they had an antenna issue (many stations need new transmitting antennas for the new frequency). Usually, though, if there’s any way they can put out some kind of signal, albeit weak, they’ll do what they can.

Where I live, the repack was a technical fiasco. I don’t know what the details are, but all of the big commercial network stations here are stuck operating on their old channels while they get more “new” equipment in. (I get the impression that the original “new” equipment didn’t work right, so now they need new “new” equipment.)

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Good advice. Here is an example of some of the channel info in Nashville after the repack last Friday.

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