RESCAN your channels

I finally got around to taking the antenna on the bedroom TV and connect it to the Tablo to see if the latest version of the firmware would let me receive channel 17. Previously I thought the problem was that it is a weak station, but the problem was really it is 3 different 480i stations, and it WORKS on the Tablo NOW! Awesome job, @TabloTV and @TabloSupport. So now I have two stations that show classic shows 36-2, which is COZITV and 17-5 which is RETRO.

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Glad to hear it @Beastman!

@TabloTV Of course you know that I’ll be looking at the guide on the weekend and see if it is FINALLY correct. I had given up checking when it didn’t work on the Tablo anymore. Maybe one of the prior firmware updates broke it, since it used to work, then stopped, and now works again. :smile:

I thought I would mention it so others will know to try rescanning after up updating the firmware to see if they also gain some stations.

@TabloTV The EPG was Correct over the weekend for channel 17-5. Guess the break I took from it was worth something.

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