Rescan loses PBS

I rescanned my Tablo Wednesday when my localPBS said to and all worked fine. Today all of the other channels said to rescan which I did. I got 69 possible channels, none of which were PBS. I now have saved five regular channels but am missing PBS. I have rescanned multiple times, but the scan fails to show the four pbs stations. I live in Chicago so it isn’t a distance or antenna issue

See and see what direction PBS is. They could have changed the broadcast frequency to be a VHF. What antenna do you have?

They did not move the antenna. I had the rescanned station for two days and now it is gone. I have an outside roof antenna

Can you connect your antenna to a TV see if it detects the PBS station. Some TV’s have a signal strength meter. It could have been a repack and now the frequency is different, and your antenna might not be able to pick it up as well as before.

What are the call letters of the PBS station you cannot receive now.

I had the same problem in Houston (rescans not finding PBS channels) on my Tablo that started around Oct 5th. To make a long story short, around noon on Oct 9th, I had my Tablo do another channel scan and the PBS channels were now discovered, and the problem has not occurred since. I suspect that the broadcast staff at the local Houston PBS station figured out that something they had done had started to cause viewer problems and then made some changes to their broadcast signal overnight Oct 8th that corrected whatever they had originally done that caused my Tablo not to recognize their broadcast signals. For what it’s worth, perhaps it’s a problem with the broadcast signal that’s causing your problem.

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Just rescanned and IT WORKED!! Thanks

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The reason I asked you for the call letters of the station you couldn’t receive was I was going to look them up for you and explain what happened. Assuming it’s WTTW you’ve been talking about - here’s what happened:

On or about October 15th they changed their actual frequency from 47 to 25 as part of the repack. A number of Chicago area stations are going through that right now, by the way.

Your Tablo thought WTTW was still on 47 until you did your rescan. If you tried a rescan between the 15th and 18th, you may have had a little bad luck because they had a few issues changing over and operated on reduced power for a few hours.

Also - their broadcast pattern has changed a little, so some may not have as strong as signal as before, and some will have a stronger signal.

The good news is they are still using a UHF signal, so you won’t need a new antenna.

Happy you got it resolved.

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