Rescan for just one lost channel

Recently, Tablo lost a channel in Portland, OR, due to a frequency change, and doing a re-scan found it. Only problem with re-scanning is that it found 49 other channels too. Had to re-edit my list back down to the 8 channels we actually watch and record from. It would be nice to be able to say “Re-scan for Channel 6”, or even better, if I could ask Tablo to re-scan for any lost channels on my filtered list, but ignore any other channel it finds.

As an implementation issue, how would the Tablo unit know what frequency “channel 6” moved to? Channel call signs and channel frequencies do change from time to time, so it’d be near impossible to keep track of all the frequency repacking / reallocation.

Also some channels just turn off forever, another kink.

I just did a re-scan, and it did exactly what I hoped it would do: it found 49 channels as it did the re-scan, but it did not change the status of which of those channels I had set to ignore, and which I wanted I wanted to see. So please ignore my post above–I must have been confused about what happened previously. Thanks for replying…Jack