Rescan Austin. TX


Decades coming soon to KTBC 7.5.

ETA? What does soon me?

Not soon enough. The third quarter of the year.

In other words ANY DAY NOW. July-August-September

Did a rescan and 31.5 was added in Austin. It’s Dabl but is not scheduled to start airing shows until the 9th. Decades still hasn’t popped up yet.

A preview is airing now. I emailed Tablo support to add the guide data. Don’t know if Monday is a holiday in Canada.

Find where you live

Yes it is.

109 markets. 31.5 and 62.5 in the Austin, TX market I’m sure that’s just what @TabloTV wanted to hear after a long weekend.

Btw TitanTV has it if you want to know what is on before the Tablo guide data pops up.

DECADES will be 7.5 but delayed until early October. I called KTBC today.

If you will like a schedule for Austin, TX including DABL (not on Tablo yet0 and the ucoming DECADES (not broadcasting yet), you can use create from token and use the following token:


DABL now has guide data on Austin, TX 78758 at least 31.5

Congratulations, we also just received the guide data for DABL in Oklahoma City. Hopefully that means the guide provider can now provide the data for all of the DABL markets.

now just waiting for KTBC to start DECADES in early October

Unfortunately no one in OKC currently broadcasts DECADES and apparently there are no plans to do so in the near future.

Still waiting for guide info on DABL in Erie PA. It’s been on a couple weeks now.

Suggest giving Tablo a call

Contact Tablo Support directly either by phone or email and ask them to add the programing data for your zip code. Sometimes they miss adding information to some zip codes.

Caught KTBC testing equipment early this morning. Went all the way up to 7,6,. No idea what 7.6 will be. Shouldn’t be to much longer for DECADES.

DECADES IS LIVE on 7.5. Need to rescan. Calling Tablo to request guide data.

It’s not coming in for me.