Request for new feature

When a new channel starts broadcasting if there is no guide data, can you display the information that shows in TV when you press info?

The DDECADES channel that just started broadcasting has info when I press info in remote for the TV. Nothing on Tablo and it will be a week or longer before it does.

As nice as that might be for a variety a reasons, when I had a station foolishly drop MeTV (picked up by anther in the area) one of their new sub-chanels, QuestTV… still says “Quest Programming” for every 1/2hr segment - for 3 weeks now. How can I get them to take care of their own business. I’ve asked tablo to get the guide data updated, but if the local won’t I don’t have great expectations.

Back to the PSIP, yea they could also use that for setting local time, locations for specific channel information to pass on the the guide provider, for those with issues.

And if you live close to a timezone boundary you might receive OTA for two different timezones.

And it use to be if you lived at the western edge of a timezone some counties didn’t observe daylight savings time.

As you can see Quest programming is on my Tablo.

It’s not so much Quest, as the “local” station - WTOL, not updating their information. On titanTV (which they embed on their site) the tool-tip shows “WCNC-DT4 Charlotte, N.C. (Quest)” instead of something like WTOL DT-4 Toledo, OH (Quest) btw, all of these are owned by Tegna Inc

Yes, I seriously wish I could get the information in tablo, but like I said, if the station won’t even update their PSIP, I’m not blaming them too much.

I don’t understand why guide information is so difficult to obtain. My CBS is shown as CW but programs are correct. My NBC added a new channel few weeks ago. Just crazy bars on tablo, no information on tv.

To bad Tablo didn’t choose TitanTV. YOU can add your stations yourself if they don’t have it. I did that with DECADES, basing it off a Texas station that was DECADES.

For whatever reason the guide provider will not simply copy a station to what you say. Guess they worry about getting false information.

Gracenote also provides the “art”, which I guess is a selling point. I understand they’re a big media company and listings is only part of their business.

Please understand, I don’t disagree with you.