Replay in FF Mode

FireTV, 5 TB storage, new to Tablo community. For some reason, when I replay some shows, they start out in FF mode. I give them a little while to run but they never stop. I have to continuously press rew and go back to the very beginning to start watching at normal speed and sound. In addition, while watching a show, I will FF thru commercials. A lot of times it will get stuck on the commercial with the little circle continuously rotating on the screen. I hit back and it totally kicks me out of Tablo and I have to go thru the process to open the APP again. And finally, anyone know why I have to enter open after pressing the Tablo APP before it attempts to connect? Seems like it would just auto start.

Thanks all, I do like Tablo now but there are some growing pains.

I am also having the same issue with my Fire TV.

Which Fire TV box? 1st gen or 2nd gen? And what OS version on the Fire TV?

Its less than a month old so I assume 2 and the latest OS. I think AMZ updates OS on a regular basis anyway. This seems to primarily occur during live programs but sometimes non live broadcasts. Also, on FF, Tablo doesnt show the frames on some shows but does on others.

I have a 1st gen FTV box running and haven’t encountered the issue. Has this always been an issue for you? Or did an update result in it?

@bohaiboy Looks like you’re in touch with our team. They’ve just sent over a note.