Replacing 2 Tuner w/4 Tuner - Advice?

I do hope these questions are easily answered when I start to replace the 2 tuner box w/the 4 tuner version, but I don’t seem to see anything around this issue.

1)  Will my current recordings on my Tablo connected HDD be accessible when connected to the new device?
2)  Can I migrate my recording / scheduled recording over to the new box or do i have to do that manually?

I don’t know what other things will come to mind as i start this journey, but family loves Tablo + Roku enough that Thursday nights needs 3 tuners or I won’t ever see any football.


New Tablo, you will lose all your current recordings at the moment. This has been previously discussed, it is a feature they are working on to move from one Tablo to another.

You could get a second Tablo (2 tuner). Your subscription will apply to it.

Thanks folks, I’ll stop trying to make it work.  Left the family on the 2 tuner, I’ll keep the 4 tuner all to myself :wink:

@tcduncan, I did the same :stuck_out_tongue: