Replacement Tablo Quad from RMA how to tell if new or refurb

Hey Everyone-

I had a Tablo Quad (from the 2nd pre-order shipment May, 2019 very early order so one of the first latest gen quads!) that was at my brother’s place working flawlessly for 5 months straight then started to hang on a daily basis. After some debate w/ support I was able to RMA the unit and they sent me a replacement. I can’t tell if it is brand new or a refurb – it is sealed like it should be and the SKU sticker says the following:

Model # TQNS4B-02-CN
(made in CHINA)

Any idea if the ® means it’s a refurb vs. brand new? Looks like it’s the -02 slightly newer flavor of the quad.

I’m planning on selling this unit as I bought a Dual Lite when the orignial QUAD failed so my brother could keep going. The dual lite has been flawless now for over 2 weeks straight and I got the replacement QUAD from the RMA and I will be selling this quad to a co-worker as I don’t need two at my house or my brother’s place. If it’s refurb I will charge a little less than if it’s a brand new unit.


Between myself, brother, and 3 co-workers we will be 5 Tablo users. 2 Quads, a Duo w/ 64 gb flash, and 2 x Duo Lites. We are all in Massachusetts and get about 45+ channels by pointing at a cluster of broadcast towers in Needham, MA that have everything we are after!

The circle R usually just means registered trademark.

It actually is not an R with circle but rather and R with parentheses around it ( ) around it. The forum software seems to interpreted and R with Parentheses around it ® as a registered trade mark. I added spaces on either side of the R in my original post to make it more accurate ( R )

I asked Tablo support on my support ticket – will see if they answer.

Tablo support got back to me – this unit is a refurb unit.
He didn’t clarify if the ( R ) on the SKU sticker indicates refurb, but if someone has a brand new box from one to look at you can check for this.

It’s been through heavy testing and hopefully whoever gets it will have no issues. It does appear to be the second revision based on the model number.