Replacement Power Supplies via Amazon? Lightning Strike

My replacement Tablo power supply replaced in May just died as the result of lightning. Tablo, why don’t you make these available on Amazon? Last time it took about 10 days for it to arrive from Tablo (Canada to Florida). I was able to order a generic replacement to arrive in 1 day from Amazon. I’ll still order a replacement from Tablo, because doing without TV for 10 days for a replacement power supply is a bit much.

As I side note, not sure how the power supply was fried by lighting. Had a very close strike, no other damage, other than it threw a ground fault protector circuit on an outside fish pond. The Tablo is plugging into a high quality UPS that logged no incidents and no other items were damaged. The Tablo is up and running on a power supply borrowed from another device.The Tablo supply is dead, verified with multimeter.

Unfortunately it just doesn’t make financial sense.

While the timelines are not ideal for power supply shipments, delivering them the way we do allows us to not charge shipping.

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