Replaced my HD but recordiings still show

I got a new hd to hopefully stop the buffering of live tv. However, under Recordings it still shows the content of the old drive. How do I clear this?

The overnight guide update also does garbage detection. Check in the morning to see if the listed recording have disappeared. depending on the app it may need to have the app local data cleared.

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@Slick1ru2 let us know if the new HD resolved the buffering! You can even run Live TV without a hard drive as a further test if needed.

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Now it buffers once, about 3 sec. In the first minute or so when changing channels . None afterwards.

On the other issue, when I change the hard drive, it still has the programs on the other hard drive listed. They did not disappear overnight, and are on all my devices.

It’s still there, does that mean I have to do a factory reset?

You cleared the app cache. if so, I would ask support what the bestway is to remove them. Of course I never hoard or keep my recordings. So I never have very many recordings. I would just try to manually delete a few to see if that worked.

I recall having the same issue, after replacing a hard drive.
Recording meta data is stored on the Tablo itself, not the hard drive.
After a factory reset, the recording info was cleared.

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HDD and using the built in Wi-Fi fixed it. I was using an old Wi-Fi media bridge.