Repeater Channels

Just got the Tablo yesterday and so far it seems like a nice device. 

Just wondering if this may end up being a problem. I receive two versions of our local Fox station (17.1 WXMI Grand Rapids) and both come in quite well. I believe one of them is on channel 19 and the other might be on channel 30 (a “repeater” station) .When I tried to deselect one of them in the channel lineup editing page on the Web App it deleted both of them when I returned to Live TV. Not sure if this is a problem or not, but it may become a problem when scheduling recordings. 

@markhag I haven’t been able to duplicate this issue here at the office. Can you try doing another channel scan and only select the one Fox station? Let me know if it appears correctly.

Tried it again and getting the same result. Does the tablo not take into account the physical channel at all? If it only uses the virtual channel then I could see why it would be confused. 

I had some recordings going tonight and it didn’t seem to be any problem. 17.1 was recording at the same time as 3.1 and everything seemed to be fine. 

@markhag Can you send me your zip code at - I’ll check this out with our guide data provider.

49333 - The Grand Rapids Michigan area