Repack / ATSC 3.0

Woke up to NBC missing in Dallas. weak or missing signal.
Rescaned TV & Tablo. TV is working fine now. Receiving NBC with channel strength of 70. Cliff is at about 43. Before the repack, NBC strength was between 48 - 60. New, more powerful transmitters.
I get 4 green dots on the Tablo but a weak signal message. This is the same message that I got after the repack but before the rescan on the Tablo.
On the Tablo, I have done multiple rescans, resets & power off reboots. NBC is selected in my channel list. I have used attenuators to drop the channel strength to 52 in case the signal was too strong. I have repositioned the antenna multiple times. I started at the Roku and unplugged my devices, then powered them back on, one at a time. NBC shows 4 green dots & new NBC data shows up when updating the guide. I have live fast Start TV turned off and I wired my antenna directly to my Tablo to bypass my amp and distribution devices.

I do have an open ticket but I am wondering if any one has an other suggestion?

I have a multipath situation. My signal is reflected of an adjaced building. I use to tweak my antenna one a week or so but I have not had to move my antenna for the last 3 or 4 weeks, since I added my CM-7778 amp. I have had no reception issues during this period of time, until the repack.

Again, rescan on the TV and watching NBC on the tv, bypassing the Tablo, works great.

What if I rescan and I cannot see NBC 5 or COZI-TV?
Wait a bit. Consult your TV instruction manual and try again.

I’m guessing that there is something unexpected or ‘incompatible’ with the new PSIP data from the new xmitter.

I wonder if it’s just a reception issue now that the channels is in 500 Mhz band rather than 600 Mhz. lower frequencies are more difficult to receive, all else being equal, in my experience with many DTV tuners.

I wonder if clearing the tablo to factory settings would clear the issue, but obviously you would prefer a more graceful/smaller-hammer approach.

let us know how it goes and when you can record Megyn Kelly again. Hmm, this reminds me: Tablo feature request for playing back recordings: Super Slo Mo .

For what it’s worth, my Tablo is playing / recording NBCDFW 5 fine after the rescan.

Ditto (everything fine after rescan)

There may be something in the way the signal is reflected (multi path) from the new transmitter but why does it work for the TV and not the Tablo? Here is a photo of the TV receiving the picture with it’s Channel Strength Meter and the error on my Ipad trying to connect to NBC live TV on the Tablo App.

That error is actually what you’d get if you didn’t do a rescan and it was trying to find the channel in the old location.

The NBC repack in Dallas did change my reflected signal and NBC is dead to me now. My Preamp was amplifying the new weak signal to acceptable strength but garbage in , garbage out. You can not correct a poor signal. At least I can watch live when I by pass the Tablo and go directly to the TV.