Repack Antagonizing People

News reports indicate that the channel repack auction is not going well. Wireless bidders are offering only about 50% of what broadcasters are demanding. To the extent that the wireless bidders are looking at other frequencies to meet their costs.

As some broadcast executives have stated, this has become a useless effort that is only going to antagonize the public. Just as more and more people are going OTA. Cable has lost over 800,000 subscribers in the US and 200,000 subscribers in Canada in the past year.

I’m curious where the high channels will move to. Ch. 4 (48) will have to move down but hopefully not to VHF. I have a difficult time picking up VHF 60 miles away.

Stations moving will have several options:

  1. Go off the air entirely.
  2. Become a sub-channel of another station.
  3. Move to a free UHF slot.
  4. Move to VHF (low or high).
  5. Become part of an Internet streaming package.
  6. Service the community as a low powered station.

BTW speculators (like in real estate) have been gobbling up free frequencies with the hope that these can be resold later to those abandoning certain slots in the auction. With the auction not going that well, speculators are feeling the heat…

Do you have a VHF antenna?

The station repack process is projected to happen three years after the auction ends. If it occurs it will be 2020.

I misread your title with “repack” as a verb and wondered if it was a wind-up… After reading, I see I was off my trolley, mate. At least I had a laugh… :slight_smile:

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I hope they leave the ota channels alone, I am enjoying my channels now during this cold weather. Thanks to all you that helped me with getting the antennas up.

By 2020 there will probably be new ways to get television and the repack won’t matter.