Removing program from Library

Apparently the program failed to record properly and now, when I try to remove it from my library, I am unable to do so. I have three options, including protect program, play program, and something else but no button for removing the program from the library. Any suggestions as to how to do this short of Reformatting the internal hard drive?

It would help if we knew which Tablo device you were referring to, as well as what STB or app you are using to try and delete your recordings. Also, “something else” isn’t very descriptive – maybe a pic would help others resolve your problem.

It’s a 4th gen, 2 tuner tablo with Roku Ultra.
From the library I see the photo of the episode. Clicking on it brings up a menu:

  1. Watch Episode
  2. Stop Recording Episode
  3. Protect Episode
    There should be a 4th “Delete Episode”
    Clicking on the first plays one second of the show (somewhere near the end of the episode) and it returns to the library screen showing the episode icon.
    Clicking on the second gets an error message “Recording Error”
    Clicking on the third simply toggles from “Protect” to “Unprotect”
    So the question is How do I delete this episode from the library?

Deleted my post.

Even on a legacy device I don’t think you can’t delete an entry that the firmware thinks is recording. you have to stop it first and then you get the option to delete.

Same with the 4th gen. @rwlade would need to stop any recording in progress and then wait a few seconds until it gave them the option to delete this recording. I’ve never seen this “Recording Error” message before, and I wonder if a quick reboot of the Tablo itself would help clear up something caught in the ether.