Remove Recorded TV Series Sub Page (Roku)

When browsing recorded TV shows on the Roku. When I go under record shows. It lists all the shows that are recorded I navigate to one and a balloon pops up telling me about the show. I click on that show. It opens another page that tells me about the show again. I then have to click on “episodes” to see the list of episodes that are recorded. The previous page about the show needs to be removed. It’s one more layer then needs to be, it makes it that much longer to get to the shows I want.

Good feedback Fred. We’ll take a look at that!

+1 on this one. I was coming to “feature requests” to make the same request.  I love the Tablo layout, but this additional layer makes the navigation more clunky.

Hoping for some clarification on this @fredmarkle and @bencounter

Do you mean this pop up bubble? 

Or this screen?

My thought would be to get rid the screen, the popup seems to be enough info about the show. I would just go straight into the area where it lists the episodes. If you could combine this screen and the episodes area then that would be great but my guess is that wouldn't work with the Roku design.

@FredMarkle - Thanks for the clarification. We’ll take a look and see what’s possible and what makes the most sense.

Yes, some screens in Roku are ‘default Roku app’ screens but there is a bit of flexibility. Stay tuned!

I agree with fedmarkle.  

When you see all icons of the shows that you have recorded and then select it, a screen pops up with general info on the series.  Then when you select “episodes,” a screen appears with specific info on the episode.  There is not an option to “Play” or “delete” on that page.  [this is the page to remove}].  Then when you select this episode, a screen appears that has the same picture as well as the identical info on that specific episode, [i.e. is same as previous page] but also has the options to “Play, Delete,… etc.”  This is the page to keep.  The one before is redundant.

The screen, when I click on Judge Judy I want to just see a list of all the episodes then pick an episode and play. Less clicks the better. This has already been fixed in the the roku preview app.