Remote web connection -- How about a fix

I had previously connected with my shop computer prior to the 2.2.3 update. I had to take this computer to my home to initialize the connection the first time. Well, do I have to take it home again, or is there going to be a fix for this. I’d think by now someone has had to come up with a better and simpler way to do this.


I re-pair my devices after they are unpaired due to router reboots or the ISP changing my External IP (because most ISPs provide a Dynamic IP address) by running a VPN Server at the location where my Tablo is located. I can connect to said VPN Server on my iPhone, iPad, Android phone, and all computers to re-pair to the Tablo so Tablo Connect can work without me having to physically be at home.

All those devices have native VPN Clients as part of their OS software so it’s pretty easy.

My public IP is always the same, or at least since I can remember. Private IP’s are locked. I have remote access to my home computer, is there a way to get this working right now? I have a feeling my remote connect is buggered up since the 2.2.2 update, so it might need a ticket to tablo to fix it.


  1. Do you pay extra to your ISP for a Static External IP (aka Public IP or WAN IP)? If not, it is unlikely it remains the same.
  2. What is the make and model of your router?
  3. Do you have DHCP Reservation setup on your router for your Tablo? This means the Tablo always receives the same internal IP (what you are referring to as Private IPs are locked).
  4. Is your port forwarding for the Tablo done manually or are you using UPnP? Using UPnP can be problematic with some routers as well.

Public IP is dynamic. Tablo is using MAC and IP binding. Port forwarding is manual. I don’t use UPnP for security reasons. The router is a Asus RT-AC87U.

Just check my public IP and it is the same as is registered in my account at Don’t have any way to back track if it has changed I guess, but if so is the only option to repair by taking this computer home again? Sure hope not.


Your account info gets updated with the new IP even though the pairing breaks - yes, it doesn’t make sense but that’s how it works.

Your router is a nice router - it should have a VPN server built into it. PPTP or L2TP or OpenVPN server.

Check the manual.

I would respectfully suggest that tablo needs to automatically re-pair all devices when they have a new current public IP then.


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I agree - good idea.

It does, but I have not had any need for it. My PLEX server has it as well - QNap TS-451.


So, what do you do to re-pair remotely via VPN? BTW, I don’t share IP info on the net, so if you need to get personal, need to do it via the PM system here.


Lol I don’t need your IP.

  1. Set up the VPN server on your router that the Tablo is directly connected to.
  2. Connect to said VPN server on the remote computer.
  3. Go to in the Chrome browser and it will find your Tablo and connect to it.

Pretty simple.

Thanks. Quitting time now, but I’ll find some time tomorrow and give it a shot.


No problem.

My router doesn’t need rebooting often but my ISP assigns me a new External IP at least once a week or sometimes twice with no rhyme or reason. This breaks the Tablo Connect and requires re-pairing my devices frequently to watch remotely.

Router is running DD-WRT and is stable.