Remote watching not working

Lately connecting remote seems not to work. Any ideas?

Noticing that the last couple of days. Stays stuck on ‘Connecting’ with the orange circle. Glad to hear it’s not just me.

It’s working for me across town via PC Google Chrome browser.
Remote streaming quality set at 1Mbps, though.

I have T-mobile and remote quality set to 750.

I’ll try it when i get home, both wifi and 4g.

Check your Tablo settings. I went in to verify what my remote streaming quality is set as and the Remote Access checkbox was NOT checked. Interesting as I know it was checked previously because I have been using Tablo Connect while at work to schedule recordings, etc. and I have not explicitly gone in and unchecked it.

I wonder if something happened recently that reset it?

I uninstalled, reinstalled, and added via WIFi. Maybe the last Android update tidn’t update something correct. It is Synching now.

Same here. However I changed router to NETGEAR R7000 and I do not see the Tablo Connect feature in the mytablo settings screen.

Do you have an active subscription?

My Tablo Connect is working fantastic since the reinstall. I have lifetime subscription.

No. I do not have an active subscription.

Tablo Connect only works with an active subscription.