Remote viewing stopped, no tuner available

Hello Tabloians,
I am traveling and connected to my Tablo Quad to watch a live show. The stream came through for a bit and then froze. When I try to connect it spins for a bit and then errors out with a player error, no tuner available. I was recording a couple of shows but with a quad, I should have one available to stream. This errors out on my PC, phone and tablet. Any ideas?

Not sure, but there used to some articles on tuner math. 4 tuners doesn’t mean 4 recordings depending on what’s happening or settings used.

I thought for non-remote recording/view for high quality only 3 tuners were available. For remote view of a recorded show not in high quality 1 tuner is require to transcode to high quality. My mind can’t handle or calculate remote live viewing in non-high quality setting.

Thanks for the replies. I was watching the remote on 1 Mbps, then switched to 750 kbps to cut down on the pauses, then down to 500 kbps. Then it froze and gave the error. This morning after posting this, the remote part started working again at 750 kbps. Go figure…