Remote viewing issue

I just left my home and got to my camp an hour away and tablo not able to see my home unit.
Earlier today at home i had the guide issues with it not able to connect to server and that issue is fixed.
Did that server issue somehow break my remote viewing with my firestick ???
I hate to have to drive 2 hours just to pair this back up

Not sure my issue is the same, but I lost remote connectivity two days ago on all my devices. Called support and they believed it was related to the subscription issue. All devices, multiple firesticks as well as Window 10 app lost connectivity at same time. Error Message is: Connection Failure, Remote Access is disabled.

My drive is a lot longer than 2 hours. Fear is I lost connectivity through Tablo Connect until I do pair locally again. Which shuts me done until my return. Did anyone else lose connectivity remotely at the same time? Happening so close to the other issue issue “subscription issue” makes you wonder if one affected the other. From past experience, once the connection is lost, you are hooped. Anyone else have this?

I went home and plugged in my firesticks then connected to tablo fine. Got back to my remote location and they still can’t connect
This forum isn’t any help at all
Sent email to support see if that helps

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Are you sure remote connection is configured correctly? Have you tried using any other devices such as a phone or tablet remotely to determine if remote connection is working on those devices?

A cell phone would be the easiest to check, just make sure it works while at home, then either leave the house or simply turn off your wifi temporarily on your phone and try to connect to your Tablo using your phone’s data plan. If you can’t connect to your Tablo, then it would seem that your Tablo isn’t correctly setup for remote connection. If it does connect, then you definitely need @TabloSupport to get involved in your problem.

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Remote Viewing stopped for me, too - I don’t use it frequently, so I don’t know when it stopped. Kept saying it couldn’t connect. I thought it might’ve had to do with the latest IOS update. But after digging into it, it turns out that something changed the public port numbers on the Tablo. They’d been 21227/21228 when I first installed the Tablo 4 months ago, but not anymore. I also found that Remote Viewing was disabled. I’m thinking that Tablo pushed a firmware update, and this was the result. Anyway, I set everything back to what it was before, and Remote Viewing is fine now.

that was it i connected to the are and sure enough remote was unchecked…

happy with survive but tech support highly lacking

thanks for your help