Remote Viewing in Another Country

Hello Tablo Users,

I apologize if this has been asked already but I wasn’t able to find the answer by searching the forum.

Is there any geo-blocking on remotely viewing your recorded shows? I am based in the US (California) and I will be traveling to Canada (Toronto) for work. Is it possible to access my recordings from a Canadian IP address or do I have to VPN into a US based network to view, much like you have to do to access Hulu and Netflix. I have a ton of shows piled up on my Tablo and it would be nice to catch up on my shows versus trying to figure out what to watch on the local channels in the hotel room.


Yes it will work

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I live in Canada and was able to access my recordings and live TV while on vacation in Mexico earlier this year. Worked great!

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You don’t need to use the VPN to connect to your Tablo, there is no geo blocking.

However, sometimes the hotel internet might block the Tablo connection depending on how their internet is configured. But this is very rare.

So it should work.

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I have used it in several European countries as well.

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Perfect. Thank you everyone!

We’ve had folks use Tablo in a bunch of different locales on pretty much every continent… Except maybe Antarctica…

Just as long as the WiFi you’re using isn’t blocking ports, you should be A-OK.

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The other great benefit is watching your local news for local weather before coming home!