Remote Viewing From Phone

I have an iPhone6 plus and i would really love to watch my tablo from anywhere that i am.  I thought you were able to do this but it never connects for me.  It will continue with the circle going around and around with nothing loading.  I even tried when i was on wifi and it still would not load.  I can get it to pull up in Plex on my phone, but then when i start to play something the app shuts down right away.  I cannot view my tablo from either the app or using a chrome browser on my phone.  Are there some insights as to why this is happening?  This was a big plus for me when i purchased the tablo and i am upset that it currently isnt working.  Thanks!

Did you enable Tablo Connect in the settings of the Tablo? Has the phone syned with the Tablo while on the same network?

Please confirm that Tablo Connect is enabled under Settings. As well, are the appropriate ports forwarded on your router to the Tablo?

The Tablo Connect is enabled and i have synced with the tablo while on the same network.  I have done nothing with port forwarding as i am unaware on how to do that…

Can you get remote viewing to work on any device? Or is the iPhone the only device you’ve tried?

What is the make and model of your modem? What is the make and model of your router?

Do you have one combo modem and router device?

I havent tried any other device as i have no other devices to try.  My router is an Asus RT-AC68U and i am unsure of what the modem is.  It is quite old and is a motorolla but not at home right now to verify.

The reason I ask is because if your modem has router capabilities too then if the modem is not in bridge modem your Tablo could be in fact behind 2 routers. One on the modem and then the Asus router. This will cause issues with port forwarding required for Tablo Connect.

On a computer using the Chrome browser, can you please uncheck the Tablo Connect button and then recheck it and let us know what the Tablo tells you. Don’t do it through the web app on the iPhone.

Ok, i will work on that piece of it this evening when i get home.  I appreciate your help.  The Tablo forums are amazing!

@btoester We’ve got some pretty great folks around here! If you have any trouble getting this set up feel free to send me a note here.