Remote Viewing and Windows 8.1/RT support

Hello there, this is my first post on this forum, so be nice :-)

 I've been a Tivo user for sometime and I'm seriously considering switching over to Tablo, I currently have a brother in Spain and he enjoys watching American TV over there, I have been allowing him to do so via a Monsoon Vulkano device, but since development for the Vulkano seems to have stalled lately I'm looking for alternatives and the Tablo seems like a good choice on these regards as well, so here are a few questions I have about the Tablo before I do the switch:

1-) Is it possible for my brother to watch our local TV remotely without his tablet ever being here at home in the US? I'm crossing fingers here as it would be a real bummer if  it was not possible.

2-) Any plans to create Windows 8.1 and RT Modern Apps? currently all my tablets at home are Windows Tablets, some 8.1 and some RT, and a Roku.

3-) How good is the video quality when watched remotely? is it still HD?

Thanks a lot in advance for help.

Hi Eli - Unfortunately Tablo Connect uses a concept called pairing which means the device that your brother would want to use would need to be at some point paired with your Tablo on its home network so what you’re proposing won’t work… (Unless your brother or his device comes for a visit.)

We have had several requests for Windows apps but it’s more likely that we’ll complete IE compatability with the web-based app first. 

Video quality when you stream remotely can be at full quality but you’ll need a high speed connection on both ends to ensure this happens without stuttering.

I want to elaborate on the third question a little more. The video is going to be HD no matter what the quality setting (except for the “audio only” option).   The difference is the bitrate of the playback.  A show being played back at 512Kbps is not going to look as good as one being played back at 2Mbps.   

The Tablo folks are planning on the video quality to auto-adapt to your network (much like a lot of streaming sites), but for now you have to set it manually.   If you do have great upload speeds on your home network, then you can do “full quality” which makes it playback remotely just like you were on your home network.  

I have mine set to 2Mbps, and I am pleased with the quality of the show.  

Thanks guys for your replies, it's a real bummer that the device uses this pairing technology though, it's a real deal breaker for me :-(  I guess I'll have to see if a work around such as using a direct VPN connection for the pairing part would work, has anyone here experimented successfully with this?

Another question, will he be able to watch via browser or will the browser need pairing too?

Hi Eli - All devices need pairing first, including computers. 

That’s a true bummer, I’m reconsidering if I should purchase or not, come on guys why use this method? Slingbox, Vulkano, Hauppauge Broadway and many others use plain authentication methods, why make it hard like this? 

Actually, it’s really easy! I personally hope they keep it along with adding an auth process. Though, I have to reserve my comments a bit, as I’ve never had it work fully for me. I did get connected and see a list of all my recorded shows… which was as easy as being at home (Boy, was I impressed!) Then the connection dropped once I tried to stream my first show… Then it constantly failed to reconnect on its own… And when I deleted it to rescan/readd it (the most common self-fix solution for the web UI) … Well… then I felt like a dummy… As how could it readd off network!! Unfortunately, the Tablo device has a way of making you feel like a dummy pretty regularly. (Hope they get that ironed out.)

Personally, I would like to see an auth process available just for the Tablo settings/admin view, which then should have an option to pair an off-site device. That would be the best of both worlds! Plus it would prevent “just anyone” from playing with the settings while allowing off-site pairing vs. Using auth eveytime, off-site. That would be cool but that’s just my two cents worth.

Eli - we’ve had a lot of requests to add a username/passworth authentication option and this is something we’ll consider. We opted for this method as it was the best combination of ease-of-use and security.

TabloTV, thanks so much for your reply, honestly this would make Tablo perfect and would attract a lot more costumers to your product, please consider implementing it soon.

You’re welcome Eli.

As you can see, we’ve got a big list of features that various folks are requesting so we’ve got to find the balance between what needs to be done, what’s popular, what’s doable and the fact that there are only 24 hours in a day. :)) 

Like I said, this is a popular option but it’ll require some rethinking on authentication so stay tuned. 

Thanks! and yeah I understand, I can see you have been flooded with new feature requests lol, but it looks like you are headed in the right direction as you are listening to your customers, I think this product could very well be a hit, I’m gonna make a review of it on my blog as soon as I get the unit, I ordered my TabloTV yesterday, so excited to try it out. and to think I found it by accident , I was actually looking for reviews on another DVR product out there on YouTube and their suggested videos presented me with a TabloTV review as well, hopefully some day not in very distant future my brother will be able to enjoy it too :slight_smile:

Awesome - thanks for your order Eli!   :-bd

We think we’re on the right track too, we just need to put the pedal to the metal and get the word out. Hopefully you wind up loving your Tablo and can become an awesome advocate for us. 

Sure! I just got a notification that my order has shipped, I cannot wait to put my hands on it.

Awesome! Please let us know how you like it :)