Remote tablo viewing won't start or stutters

I have an Ethernet wired Tablo with 20Mbps uplink from my ISP which is rock solid. I’m using a PC and Chrome to do Tablo viewing. I notice the following issues:

  1. I always successfully connect to the Tablo but when attempting to watch live TV or start a playback of a recorded show, half the time I get an error and the playback doesn’t start.The error message is usually a generic “Could not start recording”. Sometimes I get a weird error that HD not found but then the next attempt works a few seconds later.

  2. When the recording does start, it tends to pause for a few seconds every 30 seconds or so as if the stream cannot keep up. The stream rate is set to 1Mbps, far below the uplink of my connection and the downlink at my remote location.

  3. I’m able to stream Netflix at high-def from this remote location, so it’s not a local Internet connection issue.

Any ideas on what this could be?

@RR923 This is peculiar behaviour. Have you touched base with our support team? We can check things out on our end to see what’s causing this.

Question: is the PC with Chrome the only paired device you’ve tried this remotely? I’m wondering if you’ve got a smartphone or tablet paired with the Tablo as well.