Remote streaming quality is per app?

Is the “remote streaming quality” setting “per app” or does it apply to all apps identically?

Suppose I have two Fire TV sticks each with the Tablo app installed. Can I pick, say, 4Mbps for the RSQ for one of the sticks and 1Mbps for the RSQ the other stick? On my Android phone can I pick still another different value for RSQ?

Or if I pick a value for RSQ does that apply across the board to all apps that might be connected for streaming?

By the way it seems to me that it would be odd for the Tablo not to take into account the screen size of a particular app. For example suppose I am watching a program on my smart phone. Its little bitty screen is only 1080 by 1920 pixels. The streaming rate that is needed to keep that screen constantly up to date is X. But then suppose I am watching a program on my notebook computer. That screen is 2560 by 1440 pixels. The streaming rate required to keep that screen constantly up to date is 1.7 times X. So for example suppose I am streaming to my smart phone and suppose I pick a RSQ that is far too big given the screen size. Suppose I pick an RSQ that is double the maximum rate at which data could be fed to that screen? Does the Tablo dutifully send that stream at the too-fast data rate? Does the smart phone simply discard every other byte or every other bit? Or does the Tablo do the smart thing and send the data at such lower rate as will be adequate to keep the small screen up to date?

Remote streaming quality is the only setting on the Tablo that is per client. So you can set it differently for everything you own.

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The RSQ setting only effects the bitrate of the video, which is very different than the resolution of the video.

The resolution is fixed based on recording quality you select which is a global setting. If your Tablo is set to 720p 5 Mbps then the resolution of the video is always 1280x720 regardless of the device it is being played back on.

When streaming the 720p video on a device where the RSQ is 2 Mbps the 1280x720 pixels per second is transcoded into 2 Mbits per second. That’s all. Google video bitrate vs video resolution if you have any more concerns. The Tablo does not touch the resolution when using the RSQ feature.