Remote Streaming problem with Tablo

Hello Tablo Community! First post on this forum. Glad to be here! I have the 2 tuner Tablo and have two tv’s paired with the Tablo and used my lap top for initial setup and have it synced with Tablotv as well. All has been working very well since initial setup ~a month and a half ago.Yesterday I down loaded the Tablo app on my new ZTE Zmax Pro phone and then I synced it and it streamed perfectly. But then I tried to look at an OTA channel on one of the two tv’s I already had paired with the Tablo and got the error message: No tuner available. So I re-booted my modem, router, and Tablo and still got same error message on both tv’s I use with Tablo. So then I un-installed Tablo app off of the phone and after a couple more re-boots of modem, router and Tablo, it’s working fine again. And what’s confusing to me is that I thought you can use up to six devices with the 2 tuner Tablo? I would really like to be able to access Tablo remotely so any tips, suggestions, tricks from the Tablo Community would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.

This issue sounds unrelated. Enabling Tablo Connect and connecting to it using your phone shouldn’t cause you to lose access to it on other devices.

What TVs are you using?

I’m using a TCL Roku smart led tv and a dumb led tv connected to a Nvidia Shield.
I’ve got a Lynksis WRT 1900acs router with ethernet connection to the Tablo.

Here are the possible causes I can think of:

  1. Hard drive isn’t connected or not working. If that is the case, you are limited to one tuner.

  2. Your phone is using a cellular connection and not wi-fi, and therefore using both tuners via Tablo Connect.

You can certainly use up to 6 devices at a time, though you can only use up to 2 tuners at a time. So all 6 could be watching recorded content, all 6 could be watching 1 or 2 live shows, or some mix of the two.

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@snowcat thanks for that info. The hard drive was plugged in but could have not been connected I guess when this happened I did not check that specifically.
So you are saying I should make sure I’m on wi-fi connection when using phone to access the Tablo?

When you connect your phone locally (local wifi / same network as Tablo) it uses ONE tuner for Live TV or NO Tuners if watching a pre-recorded show.

In this situation (local streaming) you can watch up to 2 live events and an additional 4 pre-recorded shows.

However, if you use a WiFi outside of your local (ie a coffee shop) or use cell signal, then you are no longer using local streaming but instead using the Tablo Connect feature.

Within the settings screen of your Tablo, you have a setting on how Tablo connect works (what bitrate it uses to send you your show). Most have a slower upload internet connection, meaning its common that someone may can download at 60Mb but may be limited to 5 or less upload.

This setting must be equal to or less than your upload rate. If your upload is above 10mb, then you can choose “Full Quality”. If you choose ANYTHING less than full quality, then the system must use a tuner to downconvert your video accordingly.

So for example. If you have it set to record TV at the recommended rate 5Mbps, but your upload speed only allows you to set Tablo Connect to 3Mbps, The you will use BOTH tuners if you try to watch the show remotely (again, not on local wifi).

One tuner will be receiving the signal and converting it to your 5Mbps setting, and the other will be converting that 5 down to 3 and broadcasting out to your remote device.

In the above example, you have maxed out your tuners so trying to connect with your local TV to live TV will get the no tuners message. Also keep in mind that after you disconnect from a channel, it will continue to buffer it for up to 10 minutes (a feature added should you want to reconnect within that time frame, you dont have to wait for the normal pre-buffer lag).

A final note on this example, though your remote device would be using both tuners, your local TV should still be able to watch pre-recorded video.

For another example, say your remote device is watching a pre-recorded show. Since it has already been recorded at the 5, then only one tuner is going to be needed to covert it from 5 to 3, so that will still leave ONE tuner available for local live TV playback.

In summary, remember, if Tablo connect is set to anything other than full quality, it will always have to use a tuner to broadcast you the show. If you set it to Full quality (and upload speeds allow), then it will treat your remote viewing exactly as it does local and will not have to use up the extra tuner.

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Great explanation - for another read of an explanation from Tablo.

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[quote=“theuser86, post:7, topic:12551”]
Great explanation - for another read of an explanation from Tablo.
[/quote] Doh!!! I could have saved myself 10 minutes of typing! Oh well.


No thank you.

@Daniel454 Thanks for that info very much. I will re-load the Tablo app on the phone and make sure Tablo Connect is adjusted to full quality and it try again.

@theuser86 Appreciate your input as well.