Remote power cycling

To those of you who have not experienced a hiccup on your tablo that you don’t believe you need a smart plug or a simple timer to reboot your tablo, good for you. In my case it had to happen last winter when prime time shows/series were abundant, when I was traveling. I was sure that it was tablo because I was able to VPN to my router and had complete control of my LAN - my security cameras, web server, etc. I rebooted my router where the tablo was hard-wired to but the router reboot had no effect on Tablo. I said to myself, darn, I should have connected it to a smart plug or a smart PDU before I left! When I got home, I pulled the plug of the tablo’s power brick and activated a first generation WeMo smart plug, that was just sitting in the electrical parts cabinet, and plugged in the not so smart tablo to the smart plug and scheduled the plug to go off at 4AM and on at 4:05 AM. I have never had another tablo hang happen again. And oh, my Tablo Dual Lite is in the air conditioned IT and Networking closet.

So is it manually configured or did the UPnp work? Just curious.

I don’t use UPnP.

I’m with @cjcox. UPnP has network security ramifications so I’d rather go to the effort of setting up port forwarding myself and the “covenience” lost by not using it is offset by simply using reserved IPs for specific devices.

That’s right. I have disabled UPnP in all my devices. I do IP reservation in my DHCP server or set static IP addresses in my devices.

Everytime I try to understand security issues I get confused.

Basically seems like if you have something people really covet there are people out there with the wherewithal to come get it. You can make it harder but if they know what they’re doing they’ll find a way.

In the making it harder department I read somewhere that occasionally rebooting your wifi devices has that effect.