Remote Control Suggestions - iOS and AirPlay

I’ll wrap up a few suggestions all related to the traditional “remote control” of playback, specifically related to iOS and AirPlay.

After a couple weeks of use, there are a few minor tweaks that I’d love to see added to the backlog.  Some of these have been mentioned in other threads as well, consider this my +1 for those suggestions if they’re duplicate.

Stacking button presses:  The most common reason for pressing the skip 30 button will be to navigate around commercials.  Five or six taps will usually do it, maybe with one skip back if you overshoot.  Especially when playing back via AirPlay, this is cumbersome as each press only registers once and you have to wait for the video to catch up before another press will register.  Let me hit it five times, which would skip 150 seconds.

Smaller rewind:  Again in the above example, commercial skipping is a main use case.  Skipping 30 is great, but if you overshoot then 20 seconds back is almost always too much.  I’d like to see that rewind be much shorter, or configurable.

Skip using the AirPlay remote:  I’ve found my primary viewing habit to be this - find the show I want to watch on the iPad, cue it up to the start with the iPad, AirPlay to the TV, put the iPad screen to sleep.  Once the screen is asleep, the universal remote is my primary device to skip through content, change volume, etc.  I’ve found that the controls on the remote via AppleTV Airplay are useful for play/pause, but for skipping they are challenging.  Current behaviour sees a linear fast-forward through the stream when using fast-forward.  Skip looks like it is skipping automatically-generated chapters of about 3 minutes each (you can see the chapters on the timeline if you press the down button on the AppleTV remote).  I would love to see Tablo capture the skip forward and skip backward events from the AppleTV and link them to the skip/rewind buttons in the app.  Hit skip on my AirPlay remote, it skips forward 30.  Hit back on my AirPlay remote, it skips back 20.

Timeline drag fix:  This one might actually be a bug.  When you are watching a stream via airplay and drag the timeline forward, the drag target skips back to the current place in the video and then after a second it jumps back to the place where you dropped it on the timeline.  It should just stay where you dropped it, and video should catch up.

Timeline thumbnails:  I recognize this one is likely difficult to implement, which is why I put it at the bottom.  However, it would be very nice to get a thumbnail of the video wherever you drag the target in the timeline so that you can better pick where to drop it.  (Similar to Netflix).