Remote connections denied window

Hi. I am writing this more for my knowledge than a solution, I think. I have been watching TV in Japan from my home in the US (oh, the beauty of technology!) and often enough the connection is lost. But when it happens, I just let it connect again and continue. However, yesterday when that happened and I tried to reconnect, I got a window that said Remote Connections Denied. It said I needed to re-establish the connection on my local wifi network where the Tablo is located and it won’t let me do anything here.
So, I have two questions: is there any way this can be done remotely? If so, how? I will be here for another 2 weeks and I hate to miss out on some things for that long! The other question is why did this happen? It’s been working fine for over a month and suddenly this happens. Would it be because of a power outage? Did the software get out of whack somehow like a crash or a bug? I’m really curious to find out about the reason for this problem.
Thanks so much for any info you can give me!