Remote Connection Outside Home Use Inconsistent

@support - Great Fan of Tablo - have not been able to view live tv outside the home network consistently. Strong wifi signal at both locations. 4 tuner tablo connected diectly to Verizon router. Watching remotely on ipad running IOS 7.2.1 with all tablo firmware current. App software current.

Sometimes I can immediately watch live tv outside the network. If I then try to switch channels, it fails to engage center wheel endlessly spinning. Close out tablo app. Asks to reconnect to tablo, first time connection error, second time connects. Try to watch again. Sometimes successful sometimes not. Sometimes it try’s to connect to stream and I get no antenna. Not sure why this is so inconsistent.

I am a fan and looking forward to future improvements and features. Any help would be appreciated.

Should add that router is actiontec MI424WR rev 1.

Persistence will always win, but would have liked to have had a little help from my friends. Works perfect now. I have a 5 Mbps upload speed at home, but that was not enough to handle tablo streaming at 4 or 2 Mbps. Throttling down to 1 Mbps in the settings was the charm, so now it works great.

Thought I would circle back and close the loop in case others encounter similar issues.

@goforit111 - Glad to hear you got it worked out! 

@Goforit111 Sorry for the delay! Wish I could have got here sooner.

@tablosupport no worries. Since receiving the 4 tuner in June, I am trilled with the product. What is even more exciting, is how I perceive your gameplan moving forward. While currently extremely functional, minor fixes and new innovative features could make your platform a critical component for the quickly changing landscape of tv for the future. Keep up the good work.

@Goforit111 Thanks for the kind words - I’ve shared them with the team. We appreciate it!