Remote Connect using 2 Tablos?

Are there other users with 2 Tablos who are attempting / succeeding in using both Tablos remotely?

Maybe there is some way to manually configure one of the Tablos to use different ports? It appears that the automatic UPnP approach may assign the ports incorrectly when 2 Tablos are on the same LAN, or perhaps there is some other explanation.

Currently 1 Tablo connects pretty consistently whereas the other very seldom connects at all.

Any solutions would be very welcome. Thanks,


I can’t test this, but… now allows you to manually change the Public Ports.
So, you should be able to select different sets of Public Ports per connecting device, and manually set router port forwarding for each port set.

Thanks for the suggestion and link.

I go to the link with my iPhone and web browser, and see the same screen I normally see to select either Tablo. Selecting the first Tablo results in a dialog asking if it is ok to increase Tablo sync data space by 50 MB. I select YES and my Tablo 1 syncs and then connects.

I then attempt to now switch to Tablo 2. I again am prompted with the same dialig asking for approval to increase the database by 50 MB. I again chose YES, but on this 2nd Tablo, neither syncing nor an eventual connection occurs.

At no time is there any appearance of buttons or dialogs to establish alternate ports or create manually specified ports. Could I be missing something very basic here??

Currently I can now browse 1 Tablo from my iPhone and not see the other from my LAN, and thus have yet to see the Settings on Tablo 2 to enable Remote Connect.

Not a clue…


Can you try this on a computer using the Chrome browser? Rather than an iPhone.

As well, the option to manually change the ports in the Settings screen does not work if you actually have the ports forwarded in your router. Remove the entries from your router, or disable UPnP - which ever you like. And give it a try again on a computer.


Added 4 ports, rebooted router, and tested both Tablos remote via my cell carrier and all works well

Thanks again !!