Remote access using web browser on laptom never locally connected to Tablo

I am remote from my Tablo that is successfully setup for remote access. Can I use remote access from a windows browser that is on a computer that has never connected locally to the Tablo? Seems like the answer is no but that would seem to be a feature needed. Thanks in advance.

You are correct, the answer is no.

You can pair a computer remotely if you use a VPN. Setup a VPN server at home, connect to said VPN on the remote computer.

Thank you

Thank you for your helpful participation in this forum. I have a similar situation where. I’ve been with Tablo for several years. Normally its not a big deal to re-pair my remote devises occasionally. however, I now have a family member that will be in Europe for an extended period of time. He’s got a Nord VPN service that infused multiple devises. I’m not a network savvy guy but would like to pair his MacBook and/or his iPhone (which are in Europe and won’t be back for years) so he’s able to view my tablo. For what it’s worth, My desktop at home is an iMac. Any pointers, would be appreciated.