Remote access trouble

New guy here  everything is great except remote access…

1 port green  2ports red  I tried tech support yesterday but they did not get back to me before closing.
I have you tubed and read forums but nothing seems to work.
Motorola sbg6580 cable modem any simple fix?? Thanks

Here is a port forwarding guide for your router.  Set up 3 separate entries.
Local IP - the IP of your Tablo (make sure you give it a fixed DHCP reservation so it doesn’t change)
Local Start Port - the three should be 80, 443, and 8887
Local End Port - same as the start port for each entry
External IP - it recommends 
External Start Port - whatever the Tablo setup is asking for that corresponds to the start port
External End Port - same as the start port for each entry
Protocol - TCP
Description - I have mine as Tablo1, Tablo2, and Tablo3
Enabled - set to on

Click on Apply each time until all three rules are set up.  Then test it out and see if the Tablo accepts it or not.  Good luck!

Thanks for the help that was simple and now it makes sense…Great instructions  Thanks…