Remote Access Suggestion: Add ability to connect to Tablo remotely using TabloTV account info



The OG Tablo app on the Fire TV supports Tablo Connect.

The new Tablo PREVIEW app on the Fire TV does not support Tablo Connect. The PREVIEW app is built on the same API as the Roku app, hence why it doesn’t get support remote viewing.

Which app are you using on the Fire TV?


Yes, they will be synced, but not all devices work out of the box with Tablo Connect (remote access).
However, there is a workaround using VPN.


I am using stable (non-preview) releases of the application on my Fire TV Stick.


I think you’ve made my point; remote access is not simple to setup based on a number of things, such as whether the ISP supports it, but the existing mechanism makes it as simple as possible. Making a more complex but flexible mechanism won’t solve problems, it’ll just create a larger support load for Tablo, hardly a selling point for a small company looking to get bigger.

The only case in which having a Tablo online service to register your remote access configuration with would add capability is if every Tablo was setup to be automatically registered with this service just in case someone remote from their box might want to configure access to the box while outside the home.

If such a capability were enabled, I can imagine someone selling remote access to OTA signals ala Aereo, which could create all sorts of issues with the Tablo service, something the Tablo folks would be smart to continue to not easily enable.


Maybe for you. I don’t find it complicated to copy/clone/duplicate files to a new drives, yet others find it daunting.
Kind of like, “your mileage may vary” or what you believe to be common sense, isn’t so common to someone else.


If before a user buys the tablo product, they know they need to use the remote connect feature there are a number of WEB pages under How-It_Works describing not only what devices and OS’s work but also what needs to be done to make it functional.

If these instructions are overwhelming and VPN setup seems to complex and the user still requires remote connect maybe they should go with another product. When a company is selling a low cost consumer product it’s probably not going to supply a product that not only works for everyone but also makes common sense to everyone.


I don’t think I’ve made your point at all, IMHO. This suggested feature would make it more complex for who, Tablo or the customer? I strongly disagree that Tablo’s existing mechanism makes remote access “as simple as possible” from the customer perspective. You are absolutely correct in that remote access isn’t technically simple, but that is for the company to take care of and make transparent for their customers. The most successful companies in tech share a commonality in the K.I.S.S. principle when applied to their customer experience and really I don’t think this feature would add a ton of additional technical complexity depending on how you implemented it.

Any friction to setup a device’s desired functionality for streaming outside the home (such as the need to sync on a LAN first or setting up a VPN) is going to frustrate the end user experience and create more support tickets for Tablo as well. There can be no reasonable argument that the current Tablo Connect setup doesn’t create support tickets (hell, I’m sure port forwarding throws some people for a loop). Nuvyyo isn’t a huge company by any means, and I understand that (Plex isn’t massive either, btw.). However, they have been around almost 10 years now and received approx. $4 million USD in their last round of funding alone. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that this requested feature would be a great step forward for their existing base and allow stronger competition in the OTA DVR space as a whole which would bring great potential for company growth (gotta spend some money to make it, as the old saying goes).

From the perspective of device and user info registration, I’m fairly confident Tablo is already keeping some sort of centralized database with connection info as the app must know about the Tablo box public IP in order for Tablo Connect to work (the cookie it uses in Chrome has a CUID which appears to reference something on the backend of and this info is likely used by their tech support reps as well for troubleshooting. If they already have a table that maps a given app install to a public IP that the Tablo is broadcasting on, it’s not a stretch to think they could then also associate this info with a customer’s login credentials or specific device.

Your Aereo parallels/concerns are really unfounded for a number of reasons. Primarily, any legal issue could be avoided with simple additions to the ToS stating that a user will not resell the streams or risk a ban (if this clause doesn’t exist already). Aereo’s business model was resale of OTA streams as a service using data-center infrastructure; they weren’t looking to hardware sales for their revenue so it’s much less likely that Nuvyyo could be litigated against from the same perspective. Additionally, Tablo could utilize any or all of the following to mitigate mass stream resales from even happening:

  1. Limit the number of concurrent streams coming from a single public IP.
  2. Use IP blacklisting service (i.e. MaxMind, etc.) to ensure only residential IP blocks are allowed to broadcast.
  3. Set a maximum number of Tablo unit registrations per guide subscription.
  4. Tokenize client device registration to the MAC and tuner number of the Tablo unit.
    etc. etc.

If after evaluating all of the above and finding they still don’t have the cash on hand to roll out an improved Tablo Connect they could respond in one of two ways: either offer “premium” Tablo subscription (monthly/yearly/lifetime) which includes “Easy Remote Connect” (bonus points if they partnered with a commercial VPN to offer a seamless port-forwarding-free solution for ISP NAT’ed users) or they could reply to this thread and tell us they aren’t adding the feature after all :slight_smile: Because again, my primary frustration in posting here has to do with the attitude that “yes, the feature is coming” when in reality they appear to have no intention of adding it.


Fair points. In that case then, all I would ask from them is a reply to this thread stating a reversal from their previous position saying that this feature was essentially “in the pipe”. Ex.: “After 4 years of further review and user feedback we have found this feature request not feasible for Tablo to offer. Here is a KBA to workarounds some users have found to work…” The transparency would be quite admirable, IMHO.


One of the worst things a company can do is state they are working on a desired feature.
The feature may never see the light of day.
However, customers continually prod the company to state whether or not they are working on the desired feature, pressuring the company to state they are.
Now customers have an expectation, and with it, disappointment when the expectation is not met within the customers’ timeframe, reasonable, or not.
It’s a double-edged sword.


Yeah, I’m not looking to rake them over coals for the reversal if they aren’t going to add the feature but it would be nice to know before I get my entire [extended] family invested in the platform. That way at least I have a better idea of how many IT support hours I might incur :wink:


Endless, it’s always endless. :wink:


I always find it endless amusing when users think that a small VC company like Nuvyyo has an unlimited supply of programers churning out all of their wants and desires.

And when you poke them a little it’s like watching a youtube video of Dr. Pimple Popper at work.


I don’t have any stats, but I highly doubt typical American consumers are very informed about much of any thing. Saying that, just having a sense of some technical understanding, neither you nor many here fit the demographic of “typical”.

OTA is sometimes marketed almost as newly discovered free TV… and people are like - wow look what I just found. Other than digital signals, there nothing new about over the air broadcast programing. So how many are going to actually research a product beyond

Ideally, you are right. People should take some responsibility for themselves.


Off topic (well, the thread is moving off topic), but I remember the early days of Roku where people thought that Roku gave you free recent content (that is major motion pictures currently in theaters, live TV, recent TV). Lots of returns made for a huge refurb (discount) market. Ah… those were the days.


So you want users to stop making suggestions? and they should do away with the Feature Requests sections?

…or it’s just something you find endlessly amusing :laughing:


When I load there’s a script loaded further info, Amplitude-JavaScript

A JavaScript SDK for tracking events and revenue to Amplitude.

So it’s very likely they have a great deal of data about users! There’s already info from registering your device and, most likely, subscribing to guide data info - which also include the option for tablo connect. It already is a subscription service.

As for resale, users are already sharing outside of their household, limited by number of tuners.


Nice info on Amplitude. I saw a reference to “amplitude_id” CUID in the browser cookie which would indicate they have a unique, serialized ID for users already in use. I would agree a lot is already tied to the account and guide subscription so seems like things are mostly in place for the feature if they felt like it was worth rolling out.

Yes, people are streaming outside limited by the number of timers but I’m sure there are some enterprising folks who may buy quite a few tuners, rack ‘em in co-location, and resell account access so I could still see why they may want to use one of the preventative measures I detailed.


I’ve picked up things examining network traffic via browser’s “web developer’s” tools. I generally use firefox, but chrome has options available. You do have to be otherwise board or just inexplicably curious.

Some have suggested a wire shark, but I’ve found it to but way too over kill and cumbersome for just this.


And what types of business is Amplitude in?

“a 360° view of behavior across your customer interaction layer.”
“Utilize behavioral reporting to see how users interact with your product.”

Companies use the product to understand how customers use their UI products. In the tablo survey threads you might see posts indicating they have information about how customers are using their apps. Where do you think this information may have come from. Ho-Hum.


I think they are in BIG DATA business. It’s like a bahazillion dollar industry you hear little about. Giant corporations collecting detailed information from virtually every aspect of our lives. Giving superficial easily understood examples of what they may collect, without disclosing just how detailed it actually is.

Those are just buzz words… trying to make my experience an enjoyable one. Here’s a youtube video This Is a Generic Brand Video, by Dissolve full of images and words to get you to think about stuff and feel good… for no real reason.

Before a company releases a survey, the statics people need to know what a successful survey will look like. Often survey questions are asked in a specific way to get the answer they want. A response ranging from 1 to 5 or 10 (agree or disagree) doesn’t profide an adequate answer.
That’s were I suspect it comes from, convince consumers they need this. Something which will generate the most profit with minimal investment. Hum-Ho.