Remote access stopped working


So my boyfriend set up his iphone with tablo about a month ago so that he could access it remotely since he travels a lot. It worked for a while but last week the app said it couldn’t find it. He tried his laptop too, which was also previously synced, and it also didn’t find any tablos. He came home yesterday and was able to find the tablo again on the local wifi. which then “synced” like it had never seen it before.

Any idea what could cause that? I was reading around a bit and it seemed like it might stop working if the IP address of our modem changes. Is that just a timing issue that resolves itself, or must you re-sync all your devices following a change in IP, or maybe was it something else?

Thank you

Some of us have reported our Tablos freezing to the point that even the reset button does nothing after a public (WAN) IP address change.
Only thing that gets the Tablo going again is power cycling it.

Tablo Remote Connect seems to work fine for me even after a public IP address change.
I used both Google Chrome browser on my PC, and the Android Tablo app on my tablet.

Since most people can’t control if and when their public IP address changes, it’s a difficult thing for customers to test.
One way to determine that the public IP address changing is the problem is to do the following:

Keep track of the public IP address.
Note the current public IP address.
Using a computer that’s connected to the same network the Tablo is, use a web browser and go to, and enter the following search terms:
what is my ip

The first result is the public IP address.

The next time Tablo Remote Connect doesn’t work, check the Tablo’s network public IP address again to see if it changed, and then open a support ticket, cuz that would be a bug.