Remote access & Port 80

I have remote access working, but I had to take down my web server on my PCLinuxOS box.
Is there a way to change Tablo not to use port 80? Or share Port 80 between 2 different devices?


More than one device behind a router can use port 80 at the same time.

Tablo only uses port 80 as the internal port. The external port is 21243 for example that gets translated to port 80 to only for the internal IP address of the Tablo.

You can in theory run many devices using internal port 80 as long as the external port is different for each device. Each device has a device internal IP address hence why this works.

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Well when I go into my U-verse router to do the port forwarding it says port 80 is already assigned.

That’s because you’re trying to assign the external port 80. Which is assigned to your web server. You need to use the other port that Tablo is telling you to use.

Show us a screenshot of your router settings.

Here you go

Lol sorry I meant the port forwarding settings - you should be able to set up as follows for example:

Tablo, port 21243 to port 80,

Web server, port 80 to port 80,

Two separate entries, each forwarding different external ports to the same internal port 80 on different devices.

Also, you might wish to remove that screen shot that’s showing the world the password associated with your SSID. :wink:

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It might be a while before I can do that.
I’ll have to reinstall the web server

Well good luck. Let us know how it goes.

You should be able to run 2 separate devices on an internal port 80 with a decent router.

You might have to put your ISP combo modem / router in bridge mode and buy a separate router, but it is feasible.

Well I got it working by following your suggestion.
Web server is backup.
Thanks again for your help

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