Remote access not working with UPnP enabled

Hi guys I’m trying to get remote access working but I’m stuck. When I click the “enable” access button in settings in the Tablo app (on my android phone) it says “route requires manual configuration”.

I have UPnP enabled on my router and when I click “enable remote access” in the Tablo app the port forwarding rules are automatically created, exactly as it suggests they should be created in the Tablo app (mapping e.g., 21817 to port 80).

But even if I refresh by tapping “re-test port mapping” it still doesn’t work.

Not sure what I’m missing here. Please help!

I should also note that I’m using an Orbi mesh router (not sure if that’s relevant). Every time I click “re-test port mapping” it creates new port mapping rules that I can see in the list of UPnP rules in my router.

What is the make and model of your ISP modem? And is it in bridge mode?

It’s a CenturyLink C2100T. Not sure if it’s in bridge mode. How would I check that?

CenturyLink would not allow bridge mode in PHX so I changed to Cox last year and everything is working fine now. Got a better price and much faster internet.

What is the WAN IP address on the Orbi mesh router? If it’s an internal IP address then you likely have a double NAT setup. See link below.

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Yes it’s an internal IP. Very useful info thanks for the help

No problem, unfortunately that’s why your remote access is not working then.