Remote Access not working - help

I set up Tablo Connect, with Port forwarding correctly on my router. (Tablo settings look ok, and it says “Your Tablo is ready for remote access”.

When I try to access my tablo on my iPhone iOS app, I am unable to connect with my tablo.

Using my iOS device on my home wifi network, and when Re-scanning for Tablos, I DO pick up a tablo that is named “tablo-quad”, …but my actual Tablo is NOT named this.

When trying to connect to “tablo-quad” on my iOS device, it tries to connect, hangs, then says Connection could not be established.

If I use a wired computer connection to access, I am successfully able to “see” the correct Tablo-name and access my Tablo.

Any suggestions? thanks.

Why are you using the browser on an iOS device? Use the native iPhone or iPad app instead.

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That’s odd.

Name your Tablo something unique then hit Disconnect.

In the connection list delete ‘tablo-quad’ (there should be a red X next to it) then rescan and find your uniquely named Tablo.

Also, definitely best to be using the mobile app on a mobile device!