Remote Access Fails Upon Manual Config

I set a static IP for my TabloTV. Assigned a 5 digit port to port 8887 and a 5 digit port to port 80 on the Tablo settings. Then went to port forwarding on the router and set those 5 digit ports and Tablo IP to 8887 & 80. Tested port mapping and it fails saying needs manual configuration. I have an AT&T NVG599 gateway with a passthrough set for my Netgear R8000 router. All settings on router are done in Netgear. Am I missing a step or is something else wrong? Is it possible the AT&T router is not really in passthrough mode although configured that way. Do I need to set same port forwarding on AT&T gateway?

I don’t know what you mean by assigning a 5 digit port on Tablo. I do all my port forwarding on my router (also a Netgear).

Setting a static IP address is a good idea for devices that can be picky, like Tablo.

Sorry I don’t know anything about your AT&T gateway. But I have the following pointers.

Do you have your router’s upnp turned on? First of all I recommend turning it off. If upnp is on and you try to map ports manually it will likely cause conflicts. It does with my router and Tablo. So either leave upnp on and let Tablo automatically configure your ports or turn it off then manually set them (recommended). To get Tablo to configure your ports (with upnp on) simply turn Tablo’s remote access off then turn it back on while everything is connected and running. This works fine with my Netgear router. But I don’t use remote access so I don’t need the ports mapped.