Remote Access Disabled because lifetime subscription expired

I have had a very frustrating problem recently. I attempt to connect remotely, but it fails saying remote access is disabled. When i finally get back on the home network, the problem ends up being that the subscription is showing as expired. Of course, this makes no sense as I have a lifetime subscription.

The fix is easy if I am on my home network, hit the refresh subscription button. But remote it is impossible (short of setting up a bridged ethernet VPN).

Anyways, this has now happened multiple times and leaves me without the use of my Tablo while traveling. Can it be fixed so lifetime subscriptions don’t expire? Of course my preferred solution would be tablo connect that didn’t rely on being on the same subnet for setup/connect, so I could easily work around such issues when the arise.

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Your issue likely happened because of this event over the weekend.

We’re sorry to hear you were impacted by this weekend’s outage. I’ve passed along your feedback, and we’re hopeful that we’ll be able to improve the experiences for these kinds of use cases in our upcoming updates.

Nice to know what caused this. Hopefully future firmware updates will have the ability to self recover when such outages occur. It is very frustrating to be remote, and powerless to do anything to fix the issue until one gets home.