Remote Access connects and works, then the next day does not - NEED HELP

I am having problems with the tablo - It has lost connection to my network at least 4 times. I reboot and all is ok for a while. Also, sometimes remote access is fine and we can connect remotely, then, for no reason at all, it states I need to router manual configuration. I don’t understand what the difference is between public and private ports. I know how to open ports and with the ip address and set the range, but don’t understand what the public port listed is. I don’t think it will make a difference anyway. I think I have a defective tablo unit. If it constantly needs to be rebooted, something is wrong.

When you get home unchecked remote access and then check it.

Public port is the WAN (Internet) port on the router’s IP address that is forwarded to the Private (LAN) port on the Tablo. The Tablo always tells you what the Private Ports needs to be. You can pick the Public ports to be anything you want so you don’t conflict with other port forwarding. But you need to tell the Tablo what you’re using for Public ports so that the clients can get the right info for off-network access. The Tablo suggests Public Port numbers, but you can change them.

Also, all this works better if the IP address of the Tablo doesn’t change. So setting a DHCP Reservation for the Tablo is a good idea.

Thanks for the reply - that did not work - it appears to be stuck on needing port forwarding.

@mhobble - Pop our support team a note. They’ll be happy to give you a hand with this:

Thanks - I think I understand - I believe what you are saying is to port forward the private port assigned. Example: If the private port is 80, I should set external and internal ports to 80 with the ip address assigned. I did this and it seems to be working now.

I’m not sure how to set the DHCP Reservation for the Tablo. Do I do this in the router or the Tablo? I have a TP-Link Router Archer CR700 - The menu is strange on here and I don’t see where I need to go to make the DHCP reservation - the menu is really strange on this router. Here is the manual -

That device doesn’t seem to have any way to do DHCP reservations. Is that your device or cable company provided? It it was mine I’d put it in Bridge mode and get a real router. Well, actually, I’d get rid of it and get separate modem and router.

In my new house I have modem, router, and wireless access points. All separate devices.