Remote Access AT&T Arris Gateway Setup **Successful**

1)Turn on Remote Access in the Tablo app Settings and take note of the ip address and ports.

  1. go to your gateway settings in a web browser, select Firewall, then select the sub menu NAT/GAMING
  2. You’ll need to create 2 new rules.

Rule 1:

Range: enter the first port number given in the Tablo app and enter it in both fields.
Base Port: enter the private number listed next to the first port

Click save.

Rule 2:

Range: enter the second port number listed in both fields.
Base Port: enter the private port that corresponds in the Tablo app.

Click save.

Go back to the NAT/Gaming settings.

Select the name of the first rule you created in the first drop down. In the second choose the device that corresponds to the ip address given in the Tablo app.


Repeat the process for the second rule. Save/enter.

Once the rules are active, re-test the connection and it should work.