REMINDER - Tablo HQ Closed Monday, Aug 3

Hi folks -

Tablo HQ will be closed on Monday for the Civic Holiday but we’ll be back bright & early on Tuesday. If you need help on Monday (or anytime), there are TONS of awesome users here on the forum willing to lend a hand, and there’s also a massive amount of resources on our support page here:

In the meantime, happy long weekend to all of our Canadian customers and if you’re American and are wondering what heck the Civic Holiday is, here’s a handy guide.

It’s actually called the Civic Holiday? Wow! That’s name sounds as cold as your Canadian souls.

I mean souls.

I mean winters.

Technically since we’re in Ottawa we SHOULD be calling it Colonel By Day after this dude with the jaunty hat:

I went here
For a comprehensive list of Canadian Holidays. “Civic Holiday” isn’t even on that ridiculously long list. Are you guys just sneaking in an extra day off? :imp: Or maybe it IS there and it is buried in the list of “Other” Holidays for Monday :smile:

Dang, just a reason to move to Canada! LOL

The civic holiday isn’t even a real stat holiday. It’s a “holiday” that almost all employers agree to give as a paid day off, but technically they don’t have to. That’s why it might not show up on a list of Canadian holidays. Also it’s only the civic holiday in a few provinces such as Ontario. It is also known as heritage day in Alberta, natal day in PEI and nova Scotia, new Brunswick day in new Brunswick, and British Colombia day in… British Colombia!

Edit: also no one really knows what the civic holiday really is celebrating. If someone says they know, well, they’re wrong

I took Monday off and didn’t even know it was a holiday. Now i have to figure out how to celebrate. Feats off strength? Airing of the grievances? What to do?


Since it’s Canadian I believe it should be eating a beaver tail with a side of rye whiskey. :cocktail:

Eat poutine and drink Molson while sitting on your hoose boot?

Also a good choice.

Or maybe eat a caaaaaaaaaaake, down by the laaaaaaaaaaaaake, eeeeeehhhhhh?

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Wrong holiday. Festivus is December 23rd :wink: