Remind me again why there's no HDMI output?

I have a Tablo, an iPad, an Apple TV, and a Samsung TV. 

While I knew the ipad was going to be used for programming the Table and selecting the show to watch, and I understand the attraction of being able to watch a live or recorded show on the iPad, I did not understand that to watch shows on the Samsung TV I’d have to have the iPad fully occupied with the Tablo app, essentially playing the Tablo show on the iPad through the Apple TV. What happens when I want to look up something referenced on the show on my iPad?
How much simpler iw=t would have been if you’d included an HDMI output on the Tablo, Is it under consideration? I think I may want to return the Tablo va,and wait until a more functional version appears.

@jmichell - You should be able to skip to another app and surf on your tablet while the content is Air Playing. Have you tried this?

The only exception is another app that requires audio or video. 

And if I take the iPad out of range of the Apple TV and my wife wants to switch to another show or otherwise control what she’s watching, what then? Why isn’t there a straightforward remote control that can run on an iPhone or Android phone to simply manage the PVR?
And why not an HDMI output so we can output directly to a TV? It can’t be that difficult!

They have a whole blog about why they are not using an HDMI port:

@jmichell - You should be able to Air Play via the web-app from an iPhone. 


if you have a Logitech Harmony remote and the AirPlay stream is already running on the Apple TV…the remote will control it.   Play/Pause/FF/RW abilities for the stream.  ;)

I just discovered the Apple TV remote Acts the same way fast forward or rewind in three speeds, pause and play.

Thanks for the comments and suggestions. They are very helpful.

I have read the blog post that @snowcat referenced, and I guess Nuvyyo have done a smart thing in taking advantage of the fact that many consumers have tablets and Roku’s etc that can make the HDMI output and remotes unnecessary. Effectively they have externalized the costs of the disk drive, the remote and the HDMI output, requiring (or allowing) the user to provide them.

However, I imagine there’s a market for a simple Tablo-based PVR with a disk drive, a remote and an HDMI output, for direct connection to a single TV. Perhaps an addition to the product line, once the current launch has settled down.