Reloading both live and recordings


My Tablo worked well for a couple of weeks. Now it is reloading a LOT and even on recordings which I never had it do before. I’ve re-set the the deal a couple of times. Connects via wifi and I use Roku 3.
have it set at HD-5 Mbps and 750 kbps. Any suggestions? It is very frustrating!


Wifi is your trouble, mate. Try hooking it up with the internet wires.


I would suggest that you set IP reservations on your router for the Tablo and Roku - if you have not done so. Then do the std restart- shut down router, Tablo and Roku, wait 5 mins - then restart router, wait 5 mins, then restart Tablo, wait 5 mins, then restart Roku. If this doesn’t help I would start a support request with Tablo Support.


In an ideal world I could…but in this house, the way it’s set up (and a rental) not a possibility.
But eventually I may cave…it would mean $$ to get it done and permission from the landlord.

Thanks for the suggestion.



Thanks so much. A bit more techy for me to do on my own but I have a buddy who can do it. I’ll definitely try it. Wiring the antenna into the wifi isn’t do-able at this point.



Maybe you can use those powerline ethernet adapters as an alternative. No landlord permission or major $$ required.


Is it available on Amazon? Not quite sure what you are referring to? I do have a Apple booster attached already. Please post a link to maybe where I can find/buy what you mean?


I see what you mean now…which end do I plug that into? The modem for internet or the Tablo/antenna end?


The powerline ethernet adapter would be plugged into the internet connection. I did a search on this forum and found two topics that are relevant, the second one is an alternative.


Wow! Sounds like an interesting and do-able possibility! Thanks so much for your help!