Reinstalling Tablo preview solves video problems

I use Tablo Preview on my 2019 Sony TV. I use wifi from my fairly recent Bell Hub 3000 which uses both 2 and 5 MHz.I see a value of -35 db for the wifi signal at the Tablo location. Router and TV (and Tablo) are about 15 feet apart with just an interior wall in between. I live in a detached house, am the only user and I do not see what can create interference.
Sometimes I get messages about not loading videos or the image pauses every second or so. Lowering the live resolution does not seem to solve the problem.

But if I de-install the Tablo Preview app and reinstall it, the problem disappears! I can then watch Live TV in the highest Tablo resolution. For a few hours or days anyway!

Am I the first one to report that?

Uninstalling and reinstalling an android app like the Sony TV version of Tablo Preview will also clear the data and cache portion of the app. This sometimes clears problems in android apps. On some android platforms this can be done through the setting/apps/storage menu. See if that helps next time. Clear cache first to remove temporary data, if that doesn’t help clear data. Clearing data clears everything.

Also you may have installed a new and improved version on Preview since a few upgrades were released in the past few months.