Refurb question

So with the 2 tuner now going for $99 and the 4 tuner listed at $199, is one better than the other? I mean other than the number of tuners… like strength of tuner, hardware, software, etc.

I ask because I have a Tivo Roamio that has a much better tuner than my wife’s Premiere. I would like to give her the Roamio and sell the Premiere.

I also have a ShieldTV with the Plex DVR, but it can only do two tuners and I find I need four at times. I have another antenna feed by my router, so would a two tuner Tablo solve my issues (in conjuction with the ShieldTV)? Or would it be better to drop the ShieldTV and go with the 4 tuner Tablo.

Anyone have input on the reliability of refurbished Tablos?

Also, ref. Tablo, when you are DVRing something (like football), can you start watching before it finishes? I think I read where you can, but I didn’t see it quick.

Thanks in advance for your advice!

To answer your last question, yes, you can watch a show that you are currently recording. The only thing you don’t get are the preview thumbnails, which don’t get created until after a show has completed its recording.

The software is the same between the two-tuner and the 4-tuner. The hardware differences are mainly the number of tuners.

I will say that my 2-tuner has lasted over 3 years now, so it is a fairly dependable piece of electronics.

When it comes to tuners, more is always better if you can afford it. In addition to being able to watch and record 2 channels at the same time, a spare tuner is used to generate thumbnails of previous recordings. Tuners may also come into play if streaming live content remotely, etc. And your wife may want access for certain shows as well. Again, my advice is to go for the 4 tuner. I have one, and tho it happens rarely, I’ve run up against the limit, especially at the start of a new TV season when I tend to sample a lot of the new shows to see f there’s anything I like.

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Plex DVR can use more than one HDHomeRun units, so you can get 4 tuners with 2 units.

“Can I add more than one DVR tuner?
Multiple tuners can be added from within the Plex Web app, provided you are using version 2.10.5 or newer. Tuners must be of the same type; all OTA or all cable, on the same Plex Media Server”