Reformated Tablo harddisk, still old recording on app, web and roku

I recently reformat Tablo harddisk. I reconnected it. I was hoping it would not show any old recording, it still show me all my old recordings under Recordings tab on android tablo app, on web app in chrome browser and roku.

When click on those recording, it says “Recording file not found on disk” so recording not longer exist, but it still show up the app, webapp and roku under recording tab.

I tried install the app, clean browser content etc, nothing worked.

There are too many recordings, i cannot delete them one at time. How do i get rid of those old recording,

So steps worked.

  1. I had to factory reset Tablo with HDD connected.
  2. Rescan all my channels and reschedule all my recording. ( i still cannot find 3 programs, Person of Interest, Blackish, Elementary (all CBS shows) for scheduling)
  3. Clear cache data on chrome web browser
  4. Disconnect from app and reconnect, which clear cache on app.

@TabloSupport I understand step 3 &4, but having to factory reset just because i formatted my HDD does not make sense.
I spent 3 hours on this.

I believe If those shows are not scheduled to broadcast within the next 14 days they will show up for scheduling.

Yes it does make total sense. Did you format the HDD using any feature or setting in the Tablo UI on the iPad or Computer?

From my understanding, you cannot do that. You likely formatted the HDD on a computer. How does the Tablo know you just didn’t connect another drive? Not the same drive that has been formatted? The database of recorded and scheduled shows is stored on the Tablo itself. Just because you plugged in an empty drive should not mean the database is automatically cleared out.