Reduce length of time of "Retrieving" and fast forward during playback?

I’ve had my Tablo 4 about one week, and it works pretty well. I had to connect it via WiFi because the HDTV (using Mohu Leaf 30 antenna) signal near my router was not good and I couldn’t get all of the stations I wanted. So it, and my Roku 3, are near the TV and on WiFi.

I’m wondering if putting a powerline Ethernet extender (I’m looking at ZyXEL PLA5256KIT 1000 Mbps Powerline 2-port Gigabit Pass-Thru Ethernet Adapter 2-Pack Kit) by the TV, so I can connect both the Roku and Tablo into a wired Ethernet connection, would significantly reduce what seems like extended time to start up a recorded show or live TV, and reduce the time it takes to Fast Forward (thru commercials). It seems that it takes longer to fast forward than it does to just let the commercials play.

Other than these behaviors, I am hoping to cut the cord from U-Verse TV very soon.

Any insights are appreciated. Thanks

I have heard very bad things about ZyXEL equipment. I don’t have any personal experience though. My ISP left me a ZyXEL WiFi router that I haven’t hooked up (already had a cheap Linksys).
Definitely recommend Netgear, Linksys, and D-Link.

Definitely keep as much as possible on a wired network. However, depending on the reason behind the perceived slowness of skipping through commercials, you may or may not see a difference. If it is low signal strenght due to the distance or obstacles between your devices and the router, then yes, this will help.